This month's featured video is with Doña Matea, an extensionist with Seeds for a Future. Join her in this video as she describes how she lives and teaches The First 1,000 Days Program.

Discover Videos of the Seeds for a Future Program at Work in Rural Guatemala

Every family and community incorporates the Seeds for a Future Program in their own unique way.

You'll enjoy watching a range of Program participants as they share their experiences and results of raising their own nutritious food and increasing their incomes.

After only 6 months, this young man is
producing food for his whole family!

Zoila’s Backyard Farm in Santo Tomás

Jensi speaks about healthy nutrition
for her and her Baby

Once there were rocks, now there
is a paradise!

This is how our Field Extensionists work with
rural families in Choloá

Agriculture Extension Program
in El Pilar

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