Family Raising Rabbits for Food

“When families feel the power of providing for themselves, new worlds of opportunity open up.”

Our Vision

To create a model for integrated rural community development that can be successfully applied in many rural communities if proper attention is given to local environmental, cultural, and community factors.

Based on delivering coaching to families in nutrition, food security, crop diversity, environmental preservation, and micro-entrepreneurship, our model also fosters the development of “home-grown” leadership to promote the integration of the values and information throughout the community.

Our Mission

We provide rural families in Guatemala with coaching and technical assistance in nutrition and food security, home production of plant and animal foods, diversification of income crops, and improved farming techniques. 

Conducted in an ethical and culturally respectful framework, our work fosters rural community development, oriented toward self-sufficiency and sustainability. 

Technologies appropriate to the community are used, with the management of local and family resources emphasizing environmental protection and clean production practices.

Our Guidelines

  • Each person has dignity and is to be treated with respect; we work to foster the rights of marginalized groups and their full access to learning and opportunity.
  • Our role starts with understanding the needs and resources of the community and integrating local culture into our interactions with families.
  • We are committed to including local knowledge and skills and promoting sharing and exchanging ideas.
  • Community development occurs when people acquire the technical skills needed for success, learn to work together, and identify opportunities for their own future.
  • Our activities will neither promote nor disparage any religion or political group.

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