A picture of project director Armando Astorga discussing permaculture practices to program participants to create food security and income opportunities.

Meet the Seeds Team that's Creating Change
In Rural Guatemala Every Day

The Seeds for a Future program is staffed by local Guatemalans who are a part of the community. Their training and expertise as extensionists make them a vital community resource, coaching and mentoring families to become self-reliant and build better lives.

Their work creates real and lasting change in communities where many children once faced chronic malnutrition, food insecurity, and families had limited options.

It’s the field team’s efforts and your contributions enabling the Seeds for a Future  Program to reach additional families and communities every day.

A photo of Armando Astorga who is the Project Director for Seeds for a Future.
A photo of Clelia Ixquiatap who is a project coordinator and senior extensionist for Seeds for a Future in Guatemala.
A photo of Julio Lopez who is the senior extensionist for Seeds for a Future in Guatemala.
A photo of Sandra Ixquiactap who is an extensionist of the Seeds for a Future Program.
A photo of Astrid Vásquez who is an extensionist for Seeds for a Future in Guatemala.
A photo of Matea Yax who is an extensionist for Seeds for a Future in Guatemala, and who also teaches the First 1,000 Days Program.
Timoteo Ico Extensionist
Angel Zabala is an extensionist in training for Seeds for a Future in Guatemala.
Leilani Yats Director of Development and Operations
Christopher Warren, IT-Website-Project Manager-Outreach-2

Community Resources

Over time, the team has produced numerous detailed and fully-illustrated publications on the program’s methods and strategies, including “Libro de Desarrollo” (Development Book) and “Libro de Los Huertos y Casa Granja” (Gardens and Back-yard Farms). These books are meant to serve as guides and resources for other groups desiring to implement a similar program in their own area.

The Seeds team has also produced twenty-nine guides and manuals for participants’ home use, such as:

High-Nutrition Recipes:  Recipes using the main horticultural crops produced in family nutrition gardens, including how to enhance the nutrition of many popular local dishes.

Medicinal Plants: A practical manual for identifying and using various medicinal plants which grow in the lower altitude regions of the Department of Suchitepequez.

The Functions of Vegetables:  Detailed information and illustrations on the food values of plants featured in the family nutrition gardens and how to grow them, as well as information about medicinal plants, basic grains, and meats.

Production of Seeds, Seedlings, and Cuttings:  A guide to seed collection and preservation, growing seedlings, and the use of cuttings in specific areas is presented.

Recipes for Nutritious Hot and Cold Beverages: Recipes that use fruits, vegetables, and greens in hot and cold beverages to enhance family nutrition (and replace the empty calories of carbonated soft drinks).

These books and manuals aid the comprehensive onsite training by the extensionists, providing families and communities the tools they need for self-reliance, food security, healthier lives, and increased opportunities.­

Download the List of Books and Manuals for Program Participants

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