Seeds for a Future Program Participants

Seeds for a Future is helping rural Guatemalans transform their lives.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we’ve assisted rural families and communities since 2009 to move from subsistence to success using the self-reliance they achieve through our coaching and mentoring Program.

The Program addresses the health and income needs of a population having one of the world’s highest chronic malnutrition rates.

Focusing on permaculture principles, microbusiness opportunities, and family nutrition and health, our hands-on training empowers participants to build healthier and more prosperous lives for themselves.

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The Program has been scientifically studied for years, and the data and testimonials demonstrate its success.

Concepts and methods used by Seeds for a Future have been documented in over thirty Program manuals and guidebooks.

This wealth of experience-based resources allows the Seeds for a Future program to be adapted to diverse cultures and environments worldwide.

Your support allows Seeds for a Future to make direct and generational impacts in regions traditionally short on workable long-term solutions for the health and wellness of its citizens.

To see how Seeds for a Future will put your support into action, please link to our Donation page here.

Julio - Senior Extenionist with Seeds For a Future

Seeds for a Future’s local staff provide coaching and technical assistance with:

  • Home production of plant and animal foods using permaculture principles
  • Income generation through raising and diversifying crops
  • Mother and child nutrition and health education
  • Kitchen hygiene and family-first aid

Fourteen years of field testing and fine-tuning have paid off, thanks to the hard work of the Seeds staff and financial contributions of all sizes from engaged citizens around the globe.

Our results as of 2023:

  • 15 Communities being served

  • Over 2,400 Families have graduated from the Program

  • 18,000+ people have benefited (avg family size = 8.0)

  • Thousands of home gardens created and maintained

  • Thousands of protein animals raised

  • 20,000 native fruit, cacao, and timber trees planted and producing

Scientific Proof of the Seeds for a Future Program  – The INCAP Research Study

Research Study Documenting the Health Success of Seeds for a Future

An independent scientific study was conducted from 2014 to 2017 by the internationally-respected Institute for Nutrition in Central America and Panama (INCAP).

Funded by the Nestlé Foundation of Switzerland, INCAP’s research revealed that Seeds for a Future’s strategies and methods produce measurable positive improvements in the health of participating mothers and babies.

Follow-up interviews showed an extraordinary level of sustainability – more than 80% of study participants reported continuing one or more actions they had learned from the Seeds for a Future program.

The Seeds for a Future
Program Works

The Program has given many rural Guatemalans the tools to conquer the effects of the long-standing malnutrition and food insecurity crisis while increasing their incomes and opportunities.

Join us as we expand to reach more families and communities across rural Guatemala and beyond.

To find out more about what we’re doing, be sure to view our Program Outline page.

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